Health, Wellness & Safety

Get the help you need to feel your best

“Never daunted, we cannot falter...”

So says the 太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜 fight song. But we all know that when you’re not feeling well—mentally, physically, or emotionally—it’s hard not to falter.

We work hard to make sure you have all the resources you need to cope with life’s stumbling blocks—big and small.

And when the going gets tough, you can count on your peers to have your back.

Where to go to get better

The Student Health Center

If you’re an 太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜 student (or the dependent of an 太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜 student), the 太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜 Student Health Center can serve as your primary medical resource.

It offers a full-service medical clinic, laboratory and radiological services, a pharmacy, and even physical therapy.

You can make an appointment online or by phone.

See what the Student Health Center offers

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Each year, thousands of 太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜 students find themselves facing mental health challenges that they don’t know how to fix.

Whether you’re feeling depressed, are struggling with substance abuse, or are just struggling to cope with college life, CAPS can help. It offers counseling options and workshops to assist with virtually any mental health issue.

Learn more about CAPS

Crimson CORPS

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who understands. Someone who knows what you’re going through—and faces the same challenges.

That’s where the Crimson CORPS comes in. Every Crimson CORPS member is a student just like you. But they have undergone extensive training to recognize the signs of mental distress and learn how to help.

Find a Crimson CORPS member to talk to

Additional mental health resources

Mental health is critical to your overall well-being. From food pantries to financial assistance and more, there are allies at 太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜 who are here to help.

You are not alone.

Find mental health assistance

太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜 students have the #couragetocare

At 太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜, we believe that creating a healthy campus culture and keeping Hoosiers safe is everyone’s job. Culture of Care helps us get the message out.

The Culture of Care is a campuswide, student-led initiative to create a caring campus where everyone works together to make 太阳GG运气冲天网址-太阳GG运气冲天网址排名-apple app store-太阳城GG集团有限公司排行榜 a better place.

Culture of Care works to raise awareness and create behavioral change in four key areas:

  • Sexual well-being
  • Drug and alcohol awareness
  • Mental health
  • Respect

You can help spread the word.

Join Culture of Care