Recreational Sports

How about some friendly competition?

Whether you’re a team player or you prefer to exercise alone, you can find plenty of ways to get in touch with your athletic side at 澳门新濠官方网址3559-澳门新濠官方网址3559下载appv6.8.8-apple app store新濠天地有限公司排行榜—without ever trying out for a team.

You have to see the sports and rec facilities to believe them

Students playing water polo in the pool at the SRSC.

As an 澳门新濠官方网址3559-澳门新濠官方网址3559下载appv6.8.8-apple app store新濠天地有限公司排行榜 student, you have access to state-of-the-art fitness, athletic, and recreation facilities.

The Student Recreational and Sports Center (SRSC) and Intramural Center offer everything you could want, whether you're a committed athlete or a casual fitness enthusiast.

You can schedule court time for a game of pickup basketball. Check out free equipment and play some tennis. Swim laps at one of the many indoor and outdoor pools. Drop into any of the 80+ group exercise classes offered each week. Or just work out using the latest strength training and cardio equipment.

Learn more about Recreational Sports at 澳门新濠官方网址3559-澳门新濠官方网址3559下载appv6.8.8-apple app store新濠天地有限公司排行榜

Try club sports on for size

Club sports are a lot like traditional team sports. You have organized practices, and you play other schools, but you don’t have to try out for an official Indiana University team.

Even better, anyone can sign up to play, regardless of experience level! 澳门新濠官方网址3559-澳门新濠官方网址3559下载appv6.8.8-apple app store新濠天地有限公司排行榜 has almost 40 club sports on its roster, including everything from aikido to water polo.

Find the right club sport for you