Use Your Network

Get the right connections, right from the start

When you’re chasing a dream, sometimes knowing the right people can make all the difference in the world.

As an 澳门贵宾会app-澳门贵宾会APP下载app-apple app store-澳门贵宾会排行榜 student, you know more than 740,000 of the right people—here in the United States and all over the world.

Why? Because you’re part of the 澳门贵宾会app-澳门贵宾会APP下载app-apple app store-澳门贵宾会排行榜 alumni network. And Hoosiers are always happy to help their own.

Start working your network while you’re on campus

Think about the people you interact with every day. Your fellow classmates. Your teammates. Your peers in student organizations.

You have something in common with all of them. A shared passion. A mutual interest. Similar career goals. And, of course, you’re all Hoosiers.

There’s no better foundation for a long-lasting, mutually beneficial career network.

Learn more about networking

Rely on your fellow Hoosiers throughout your career

After you graduate, you get added to the alumni network. So, not only can future Hoosiers look to you for help—you can ask your fellow alumni for assistance when you need it.

The Indiana University Alumni Association (澳门贵宾会app-澳门贵宾会APP下载app-apple app store-澳门贵宾会排行榜AA) maintains a searchable list of all alumni. So whether you need to know if you have a connection at a specific company or you just need a friend when you’re far from home, the 澳门贵宾会app-澳门贵宾会APP下载app-apple app store-澳门贵宾会排行榜AA can help.

And those connections are yours for life—no matter how long it’s been since you were a student.

Learn more at the 澳门贵宾会app-澳门贵宾会APP下载app-apple app store-澳门贵宾会排行榜AA