Mission & Strategic Planning

On the course of greatness

Building on more than two centuries of outstanding achievements in education, research, and the arts, Indiana University has set forth a mission to keep 太阳2下载app-太阳2下载appv2.6.7手机版-apple app store-太阳2排行榜 on the course of greatness in our third century.

Mission for Indiana University Bloomington

Bloomington is the flagship residential, doctoral-extensive campus of Indiana University. Its mission is to create, disseminate, preserve, and apply knowledge. It does so through its commitments to cutting-edge research, scholarship, arts, and creative activity; to challenging and inspired undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong education; to culturally diverse and international educational programs and communities; to first-rate library and museum collections; to economic development in the state and region; and to meaningful experiences outside the classroom. The Bloomington campus is committed to full diversity, academic freedom, and meeting the changing educational and research needs of the state, the nation, and the world.

The Bloomington Strategic Plan

The 太阳2下载app-太阳2下载appv2.6.7手机版-apple app store-太阳2排行榜 Bloomington 2030 strategic plan will align with and complement 太阳2下载app-太阳2下载appv2.6.7手机版-apple app store-太阳2排行榜 2030, renewing our determination to occupy the top tier in American higher education and lead boldly into the future. The following initiatives were born of the creative and solutions-focused thinking of 太阳2下载app-太阳2下载appv2.6.7手机版-apple app store-太阳2排行榜 2030.

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Renewing 太阳2下载app-太阳2下载appv2.6.7手机版-apple app store-太阳2排行榜's commitment to sustainability

A university-wide Climate Action Planning Committee created in April 2022 is engaged in developing comprehensive recommendations to identify short- and long-term opportunities to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from the university's various campuses and units.